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QReg Advisory

QReg Advisory is a Hong Kong based consulting company set up by Ms Clara Chiu, the ex-SFC Fintech Head and Licensing Director. We are an experienced team comprising former senior SFC staff from the Licensing and Supervision Departments as well as legal/ market practitioners.

We provide strategic advisory services and offer bespoke business, licensing and on-going compliance consulting to the traditional financial industry, fintech and crypto asset sector. We specialise in providing forceful, innovative and pragmatic commercial solutions.

We serve a broad range of clients and top-tier firms in the financial industry including industry players in the fintech and crypto asset sector. To safeguard our clients’ confidentiality, we do not engage any freelance advisors/contractors. We also do not accept directorship invitations which may give rise to potential conflicts of interests with our clients. We preserve our integrity and independence to the highest standards.

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