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Our Value Proposition

Intricate familiarity with the law and regulations

Ms Chiu’s extensive experience working in international law firms prior to joining the SFC and being a senior member of the SFC, coupled with her heavy involvement in regulatory work have equipped her with an unmatched understanding of the regulatory, licensing and compliance requirements governing financial institutions.

Deep understanding of financial regulators’ practices

Ms Chiu’s years of professional dedication to the SFC has enabled her to become familiar with the practices of governmental regulatory bodies.

Her in-depth understanding of the regulations and policies will be of value in formulating bespoke, cost-effective and forward-looking strategic advice, and help to effectively facilitate any communication with regulatory bodies.

Tailor-made and bespoke advice

With years of experience in the financial industry and virtual asset space, Ms Chiu has harnessed valuable business insights and a deep understanding of the industry’s know-how and developments.


QReg Advisory prides itself in providing clients with practical, tailored and holistic advice based upon a good understanding of each client’s operations, business model and expected outcomes.

At QReg Advisory, we work with our clients to achieve desired outcomes, rather than merely taking clients’ instructions. We strive to grow with our clients.

QReg Advisory’s service is one-of-a-kind in the market due to the unique background and experience of its founder, Ms Clara Chiu, who is the former Head of Fintech Unit and Director of Licensing of the SFC. QReg Advisory markedly distinguishes itself from other professional advisory firms by offering innovative, unparalleled and to-the-point commercial solutions.

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